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ARCHIVED Extra with No Extra by Henry Harrius$14

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  • 1xARCHIVED Extra with No Extra by Henry Harrius$14

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Extra With No Extra
Henry will teach you his "Shadow Coins" routine where four coins are spaced apart in a square, you wave your hands over the coins and they magically and visually jump one at a time to all arrive together in one corner. Looks better than routines that use an extra coin but this routine has no extras. Only four coins.

Danny's Variation
Danny teaches his variation which allows you to show your hands empty between jumps. Danny also allows for the coins to be spread a part even farther to make the routine look even more impossible. All of this to a fun presentation that adds an entertaining atmosphere of playfulness to this magical routine.

Danny's Bonus Idea
One silver coin. One Chinese coin. Two copper coins. still no extras! This routine now looks even more impossible as the silver coin which has no duplicate visually jumps back and forth after showing your hands empty. This idea uses a common gaff that most coin magicians will own but you don't have to worry about your spectators wanting to examine it. Danny is going to teach you how to vanish all the coins at the end and it fits perfectly with the presentation.